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Aquaman (Licensing Art) (DCUC wave 2)
Aquaman (Licensing Art) (DCUC wave 2)
Figure (and number): Wave 2 Figure 2
Description: Aquaman
Basis: modern design
First Released DCUC Wave 2
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

This Aquaman} figure was developed from DC's licensing art. Though the costume never appeared in comics, it was the featured display on the entrance of the Six Flags Aquaman Splashdown.

Official Bio[]

Arthur Joseph Curry, son of oceanobiologist Phillip Curry, given an experimental serum by his father shortly after birth as Arthur's lungs weren't fully formed. As a result his body mutated and he grew gills and became able to breathe underwater. A great storm destroyed the oceanographic center where he lived and he was cast out into the sea, where he met the mysterious Dweller in the Depths and King Shark. Given new clothes by the Dweller, Arthur resembled the Aquaman of legend and has since been hailed by many as the new Aquaman, despite his protestations.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm Accessories: trident
Includes: Gorilla Grodd's right arm
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen
Variant of/Redecoed from: Aquaman (Orin) (DCUC wave 2)







Aquaman Splashdown display

Though the bio for the figure states that this is the clone version of Artur Curry/Orin, it is actually the licensing art version of the classic character. It is currently being used in promotional art for the Six Flags Aquaman water-ride. The Two-Up also featured a much smaller head than the final product.