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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Aquaman 1 ver 1
Aquaman 1 ver 1
Figure (and number): Aquaman 1 ver 1
Description: basic figure
Basis: show-based
First Released 2004
Buck/Body Type: Aquaman 1
Points of Articulation: 9POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This figure is Aquaman as he appears in Justice League Unlimited.


The figure was originally exclusive to the Journey to Atlantis 4-pack, and is the first heroic character outside of the big seven to be introduced into the toyline. However, as part of the first series of figures under Justice League Unlimited, Aquaman became part of a 3-pack with Wonder Woman and Batman. This new pack was quite popular with collectors, since there weren’t many Aquaman figures to come by when the toys were still under earlier banners. As series two came however, many were surprised and disappointed at their hasty purchase of Aquaman from series 1, because now, he came as a single carded figure with a trident accessory. He is one of the first examples of Mattel's technique to pack 3-pack figures into singles eventually.

As series three arrived, however, collectors were treated to Aquaman’s second accessory, his cape. This new ‘caped’ Aquaman figure comes with Superman and Dr. Light in a 3-pack. While not an actual accessory, this cape is removable.

Versions off this design were later made. First, one with a hand instead of a harpoon, and one with an orange-shirt, but went unreleased.

Figures and Releases[]

Justice League Unlimited (toyline-series)[]

Intended Pack Number Title Image Final Contents Release Date
G6336 Journey to Atlantis 4-pack G6336 Aquaman 1 ver 1,
The Flash 2 ver 5,
Superman 2 ver 9,
Green Lantern 2 ver 5
H2106 Episode 459 “The Ultimatum” H2106 Aquaman 1 ver 1,
Batman 2 ver 7,
Wonder Woman 1 ver 3
H1269 Aquaman™ H1269 Aquaman 1 ver 1 with
Trident (JLU accessory)

DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited[]

Intended Pack Number Title Image Final Contents Release Date
J3707 Dr. Light 3-pack J3707 Superman 2 ver 2,
Dr. Light ver 1,
Aquaman 1 ver 1 (with Cape)
Dr. Light 3-pack J3707b Superman 2 ver 2,
Dr. Light ver 1,
Aquaman 1 ver 1 (with Cape)