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Aquaman 2 ver 1
Aquaman 2 ver 1
Figure (and number): Aquaman 2 ver 1
Description: comic costume
Basis: comic-based
First Released unreleased
Buck/Body Type: Aquaman 2
Points of Articulation: 9POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This figure is Aquaman with his classic costume. The figure uses as its base the previous Aquaman buck but with no sculpted on necklace or bracers.


prototype shows old sculpt

The figure was intended to be released in Wave 5 alongside Superman Red, Superman Blue and OMAC, but all three were bumped to Wave 8 while he Aquaman figure was shelved for what was deemed the more fan-demanded STAS version.

Wave 5 figures have full-size stickers on the cardbacks covering the intended release.

Intended Release[]

DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection[]

Intended Pack Number Title Image Final Contents Release Date
R5890 Aquaman™ (Superman:The Animated Series) R5890 Aquaman 2 ver 1 with
Trident (JLU accessory)

Matty QnA[]


The intended lineup

Q. In the past you have stated that you were going to try to figure out a way to get the "missing singles" (orange/shirt-long hair Aquaman, red/blue Supes, show accurate Red Tornado and Zatatnna, Ultraman, Omac, comic versions of Captn Atom & Hawkman) released. Can you give us any updates on this issue? Thanks.

A. Many of these figures will be released as the final wave of 2010. We can tell fans that the long-haired, orange shirt Aquaman will not come out since we were able to get to the new Superman animated version sooner.

From Action Figure Insider July 2010[1]

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