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Artemis (DCUC wave 4)
Artemis (DCUC wave 4)
Figure (and number): Wave 4 Figure 1
Description: Artemis
Basis: as Wonder Woman
First Released DCUC wave 4
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Artemis once belonged to the Bana-mighdall, a splinter tribe of the Amazon Women who mastered the Art of War. Artemis helped lead her sisters in a civil war against the Amazons when the Sorceress Circe transported the Bana-Mighdall to Themycira. She now serves as Minister of Defense of New Themyscira, The Amazons' island nation rebuilt after its destruction in the battle to save Earth from the alien being known as Imperiex.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm
Accessories: bow and arrow
Includes: Despero/L-Ron's right leg
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen
Variant of/Retooled from: Wonder Woman (DCUC wave 4) and others after.






Artemis sports the entire Wonder Woman (Diana) body with a few exceptions. Naturally, Artemis’ head differs from Diana’s, featuring a long, flowing tail. Her armor belt differs from Diana’s as an added on belt is sculpted to which a quill of arrows is attached. The lasso is also placed on the right side of the figure (figure’s perspective) as opposed to Diana’s left. The last difference in sculpt is that her feet have sandal straps and wings sculpted over to depict Hermes’ sandals.

As for paint, the figures use the same red, gold and blue paint, thus having both Wonder Women in the exact same costume. The only difference in paint is that Artemis has gold bracelets instead of silver.

Artemis also has a different weapon than what Diana carries. Here she sports a bow and arrow. One minor gripe is that the bow has a sculpted string which is permanently in the unused position, with arrows crossed. Thus the figure cannot really be posted exactly shooting an arrow. This can be modified though by cutting the string and perusing the hooks on the bow to attach a string. Being the only one variant out of four in the wave that is an entirely new character, Artemis, a wonderful rendition by the Four Horsemen, is definitely a fan favorite.