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Package Title: Superman™
Package Type: single
Sold As: retail-available
Toyline Justice League (first release)
Series: Justice League (first release)
Wave 2
Figures: Superman 1 ver 2
Accessories/Add-ons: Justice League figure stand, collectible lenticular card
First Released: 2003

Other Details[]

Original Retail Price: $6.99
International Release Label: Superman™


This package has Superman as released as part of the original Justice League line but with a new darker color scheme. It comes with a base interlocking with the six other leaguers. The figure that appears here also serves as the model for the base in the cardback. The stand this figure comes in has the letters 'LE' and the modified 'Superman' logo, seen in a lot of JL stock art. The card switches between a licensing art rendition of Superman and his logo.

The package is unique from other series with its oval bubble up front. Later series would have more rectangular or polygonal designs.

The figure itself was rereleased only once in the Night Flight 2-pack set.