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The FlashBarry Allen (The New 52)

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Barry Allen
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Comics Unlimited
Character Type: hero
The Flash

In The New 52, The Flash, Barry Allen, is also Barry Allen from the old DC Universe. Having gone through the ordeal of the decimation of the universe during Flashpoint, he initially was the only one, aside from Pandora to remember. However, as his own history began to be rewritten, he then became part of the new universe, with no memory of what came before.


First Appearance: The Flash #1 (2011)
Base of Operations: Central City
Powers: Able to tap directly into the Speed Force, the Flash can travel at close to the speed of light. Barry Allen has been experimenting with the full extent of his powers, including how they affect his perception and thought process…with unexpected results. Who's Who in The New 52


DC Comics Unlimited[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave One Dccu1-flash The Flash The Flash (regular build, embossed logo, red suit with lightning marks, yellow accents, armor-look, v-belt)
The Flash as he appears in "The New 52".

In the Comics[]

Who's Who in The New 52[]

CSI scientist Barry Allen was involved in a lab accident when a lightning bolt strike caused him to be doused in a strange mixture of chemicals. He emerged from the accident with powers that enabled him to run and move at incredible speeds. Barry learned that these powers come from his connection to an extradimensional energy known as the Speed Force, and seeing an opportunity to use his speed for good, began his adventures as the Flash.

Even for a super hero, the Flash has encountered a large number of criminal foes working together against him. This group is known as The Rogues and its members include Mirror Master, Heatwave, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, The Pied Piper and Captain Cold. Conflicts with the Rogues and Gorillia Grodd have kept Barry away from solving the crime that haunts him the most: the murder of his mother, apparently by his father. Does Barry know all there is to know about this mystery? Is he fast enough to find the truth before it disappears? Who's Who in The New 52