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Batarang (JLU accessory)
Batarang (JLU accessory)
Item: Batarang
Packed with: Batman
Basis: original design
Packages: Black version-JLU:R5893,
Gold redeco-JLU:H7189
First Released 2005

The Batarang is Batman's most recognizable gadget in his vast arsenal. It is basically a bat-shaped boomerang. The design of the batarang varies from incarnation to incarnation. This batarang, though not entirely show accurate is still considered an essential JLU accessory. Originally released with the Battle-damaged version of Batman and not for a long time after, it made the pack sought after by JLU enthusiasts who value accessories. The only other option was a gold one that came with Amazo ver 2. Much later however, a staple figure of Batman was released finally allowing for the accessory to be more accessible.

With the JLU line being rebranded once again into DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection, the Batarang appears more times than ever, beginning with the first , wave of singles wherein all the packs released contained essential accessories. More often than not, a wave of DCUJLUFC figures would now contain a simple basic figure Batman with the Batarang.