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Batman:Legacy Edition
6-inch figures
Based on: Batman
Year Started: 2011
Year Ended: 2012
Sold in: retail stores
Production Order
Batman Unlimited
Under: DC Universe Classics

Batman:Legacy Edition is a line dedicated solely to Batman and related characters and properties, stemming from DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics.

The main line of figures are essentially redecos, kitbashes or figures with minor retools - a welcome move to produce more variants of the Batman franchise in a separate line from DC Universe Classics. Unlike the main Legacy Edition however, the Arkham City figures feature mostly new tooling.

The line was revealed just a few days before New York Toy Fair 2011 online by a poster who released photos of digicustomized previous figures as well as images of custom repaints that have been done by customizers, stating that the figures belonged to the first two waves. Of course the 'leak' was met with disbelief but all the figures that were presented were eventually officially announced. The line was shipped with the new game-based toyline, Batman:Arkham City, as well as a continuation of The Dark Knight (Movie Masters) toyline, now marketed as Batman:Batman Begins. Both series are solicited under the banner 'Legacy Edition' but the packages retain their respective series names.

Wave One[]


Modern Age Batman BLE1-batman
Joker (Golden Age) BLE1-joker
Mr. Freeze (Super Powers) BLE1-mrfreeze


Package Figures Sold through
Batman Arkham City Batman, Two-Face BAC1-batman+BAC1-twoface retail-available
Batman:Batman Begins Prototype Suit Batman (rerelease), Lt. Jim Gordon DKMM2pk-brucewayne + DKMM2pk-commissionergordon retail-available

Wave Two[]

Batgirl BLE2-batgirl
Golden Age Batman BLE2-batman
Catman BLE2-catman
Bat-mite (likely a pack-in) BLE2-batmite


Package Figures Sold through
Batman Arkham City Robin, Joker BAC2-robin+BAC2-joker retail-available
Batman The Dark Knight/Joker Robin, Joker Honor Guard Disguise DKMM1-batman+BLE2-joker retail-available

Wave Three[]


Batman (First Appearance) BLE3-batman
Catwoman (Silver Age) BLE3-catwoman
Harley Quinn (Arkham City) BAC3-harleyquinn
Nightwing (Arkham City) BAC3-nightwing
Batman (Arkham City-Batsuit) BAC3-batmanC


Package Figures Sold through
Batman Arkham City Batman, Catwoman BAC3-batman+BAC3-catwoman retail-available
Batman Arkham City Batman, Catwoman BAC3-batmanB+BAC3-catwomanB retail-available


Package Figures Sold through
Batman Arkham City (Black) Batman BAC-unreleasedbatman