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List of Characters[]



Wave One[]

Carded Singles[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Slam Batman™ Bbpk-battleslambatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Taser Batman™ Bbpk-taserbatman.jpg Batman (BB Taser figure) 2009
Hang Climber Batman™ Bbpk-hangclimberbatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Cyclone Spinner Red Tornado™ Bbpk-cyclonespinnerredtornado.jpg Red Tornado (BB figure) 2009
Sea Spear Aquaman™ Bbpk-seaspearaquaman.jpg Aquaman (BB basic figure) 2009
Skiff Ripper Black Manta™ Bbpk-skiffripperblackmanta.jpg Black Manta (BB basic figure) 2009
Super Saber Batman™ Bbpk-supersaberbatman.jpg Batman (BB Super Saber figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Blue Beetle™ VS Kanjar Ro™ Bbpk-bluebeetlevskanjarro.jpg Blue Beetle (BB 2-pack figure) and Kanjar Ro (BB basic figure) 2009

Carded Singles DELUXE[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Power Pack Batman™ Bbpk-powerpackbatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Bug Zapper Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-bugzapperbluebeetle.jpg Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2009
Power Prop Aquaman™ Bbpk-powerpropaquaman.jpg Aquaman (BB Power Prop figure) 2009

Boxed Set[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman™ VS Alien: Clash in the Cosmos Bbpk-batmanvsalien.jpg Batman (BB Clash in the Cosmos figure) and Alien (BB figure) 2009

Figure and Vehicle Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Cyber Tank with Batman™ and Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-cybertank.jpg Batman (BB Cyber Tank figure), Blue Beetle (BB Cyber Tank figure) and Cyber Tank (BB vehicle) 2009
Blue Beetle™'s Bug Bbpk-bluebeetlesbug.jpg Blue Beetle (BB Bug figure) and Bug (BB vehicle) 2009
Batsub Blaster with Batman™ Bbpk-batsubblaster.jpg Batman (BB Batsub figure) and Batsub (BB vehicle) 2009

Wave Two[]

Carded Singles[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Axe Batman™ Bbpk-battleaxebatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Battle Axe Batman™ (variant) Bbpk-battleaxebatmanvariant.jpg Batman (BB Battle Axe variant figure) 2009
Starblade Batman™ Bbpk-starbladebatman.jpg Batman (BB Starblade figure) 2009
Spin Shock Batman™ Bbpk-spinshockbatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Capture Net Batman™ Bbpk-capturenetbatman.jpg Batman (BB Capture Net figure) 2009
Capture Hand Plastic Man™ Bbpk-capturehandplasticman.jpg Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009
Crossbow Green Arrow™ Bbpk-crossbowgreenarrow.jpg Green Arrow (BB basic figure) 2009
Proton Smasher The Atom™ Bbpk-protonsmashtheatom.jpg The Atom (BB basic figure) 2009
Pop Gun The Joker™ Bbpk-popgunthejoker.jpg The Joker (BB basic figure) 2009
Long Bomb Sportsmaster™ Bbpk-longbombsportsmaster.jpg Sportsmaster (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman™ VS Despero™ Bbpk-batmanvsdespero.jpg Batman (BB indigo figure) and Despero (BB basic figure) 2009
Batman™ VS Black Manta™ Bbpk-batmanvsblackmanta.jpg Batman (BB Anti-Manta figure) and Black Manta (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Aqua Jet Batman™ Bbpk-aquajetbatman.jpg Batman (BB Aqua Jet figure) 2009
Exo-claw Batman™ Bbpk-exoclawbatman.jpg Batman (BB Exo-claw figure) 2009
Blade Force Plastic Man™ Bbpk-bladeforceplasticman.jpg Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009

Boxed Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman VS Gorilla Grodd™ Bbpk-batmanvsgorillagrodd.jpg Batman (BB Anti-Grodd figure) and Gorilla Grodd (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Transforming Batmobile™ Bbpk-transformingbatmobile.jpg Transforming Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2009
Batmobile™ Bbpk-batmobile.jpg Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2009

Wave Three[]

Carded Singles[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Bataraxe Batman™ Bbpk-bataraxebatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Bladewhip Batman™ Bbpk-bladewhipbatman.jpg Batman (BB Bladewhip figure) 2009
Crusher Cuffs Batman™ Bbpk-crushercuffsbatman.jpg Batman (BB Crusher Cuffs figure) 2009
Gold Metal Men with Super Attack Starro™ Bbpk-goldmetalmenwithsuperattackstarro.jpg Gold (BB basic figure) and Starro (BB pack-in) 2009
Scuba Batman™ Bbpk-scubabatman.jpg Batman (BB Scuba figure) 2009
Ninja Batman™ Bbpk-ninjabatman.jpg Batman (BB Ninja figure) 2009
Medieval Batman™ Bbpk-medievalbatman.jpg Batman (BB Medieval figure) 2009
Battle Ready Batman™ Bbpk-battlereadybatman.jpg Batman (BB Battle Ready figure) 2009
Battle Saw Batman™ Bbpk-battlesawbatman.jpg Batman (BB Battle Saw figure) 2009
Turbo Zapper Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-turbozapperbluebeetle.jpg Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2009
Machete B'wana Beast™ Bbpk-machetebwanabeast.jpg B'wana Beast (BB basic figure) 2009
Zombie Hitman Solomon Grundy™ Bbpk-zombiehitmansolomongrundy.jpg Solomon Grundy (BB basic figure) 2009

Carded Singles DELUXE[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Sky Shot Batman™ Bbpk-skyshotbatman.jpg Batman (BB Green Lantern figure) 2009
Mechanical Claw Metal Men™ Bbpk-mechanicalclawmetalmen.jpg Iron (BB basic figure) 2009
Arrow Blast Green Arrow™ Bbpk-arrowblastgreenarrow.jpg Green Arrow (BB basic figure) 2009

Boxed Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Stretch Attack Battle Pack Bbpk-stretchattackbattlepack.jpg Batman (BB Stretch Attack figure), Plastic Man (BB Stretch Attack figure), and Rubberneck (BB basic figure) 2010

Vehicle and Figure Packs[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Attack Sub with Batman™ Bbpk-attacksubwithbatman.jpg Batman (BB Attack Sub figure) and Attack Sub (BB vehicle) 2010
Skyforce Jet with Batman™ Bbpk-skyforcejetwithbatman.jpg Batman (BB Skyforce Jet figure) and Skyforce Jet (BB vehicle) 2010
Launch and Attack ATV with Batman™ Bbpk-launchandattackatvwithbatman.jpg Batman (BB ATV figure) and ATV (BB vehicle) 2010
Battle Cycle with Batman™ Bbpk-battlecyclewithbatman.jpg Batman (BB Battle Cycle figure) and Battle Cycle (BB vehicle) 2010
Batcopter with Batman™ Bbpk-batcopterwithbatman.jpg Batman (BB Batcopter figure) and Batcopter (BB vehicle) 2010
Rocket Blast with Firestorm™ link=Rocket Blast with Firestorm (BB pack]) Firestorm (BB basic figure) and Rocket Blast (BB vehicle) 2010


Title Image Contents Release Date
Transforming Batcycle™ Bbpk-transformingbatcycle.jpg Batman (BB Batcycle figure) and Transforming Batcycle (BB vehicle) 2010


Title Image Contents Release Date
Proto Bat Bot™ Bbpk-protobatbot.jpg Proto Bat Bot (BB basic figure) 2010

Total Armor (Final Wave)[]


With a few exceptions, the Total Armor wave consists of new Batman figures with artillery as well as re-releases of a few basic figures and some redecoes. The newest wave introduces two all-new figures from The Brave and the Bold's fourth season- Superman and Metallo.

Single Carded Figures[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Spine Shocker Batman™ Bbpk-spineshockerbatman.jpg Batman (BB Spine Shocker figure) 2011
Stealth Wing Batman™ Bbpk-stealthwingbatman.jpg Batman (BB Stealth Wing figure) 2011
Stealth Attack Claw Batman™ Bbpk-stealthattackclawbatman.jpg Batman (BB Stealth Attack Claw figure) 2011
Slashing Claw Batman™ Bbpk-slashingclawbatman.jpg Batman (BB Slashing Claw figure) 2011
Shock Suit Batman™ Bbpk-shocksuitbatman.jpg Batman (BB Shock Suit figure) 2011
Smashing Axe Batman™ Bbpk-smashingaxebatman.jpg Batman (BB Smashing Axe figure) 2011
Electro Shield Batman™ Bbpk-electroshieldbatman.jpg Batman (BB Electro Shield figure) 2011
Steel Power Superman™ Bbpk-steelpowersuperman.jpg Superman (BB Steel Power figure) 2011
Kickpuncher The Joker™ Bbpk-kickpuncherthejoker.jpg The Joker (BB Kickpuncher figure) 2011
Cyclone Shooter Red Tornado™ (Cyclone Spinner rerelease) Bbpk-cycloneshooterredtornado.jpg Red Tornado (BB basic figure) 2011
Trap Hand Plastic Man™ (Capture Hand rerelease) Bbpk-traphandplasticman.jpg Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2011

Single Carded Figures DELUXE[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Jetpack Blast Batman™ Bbpk-jetpackblastbatman.jpg Batman (BB basic figure) 2011
Chainsaw Attack Batman™ Bbpk-chainsawattackbatman.jpg Batman (BB Chainsaw Attack figure) 2011
Aqua Attack Batman™ Bbpk-aquaattackbatman.jpg Batman (BB Aqua Attack figure) 2011
Spine Buster Batman™ Bbpk-spinebusterbatman.jpg Batman (BB Spine Buster figure) 2011
Total Destruction Batman™ Bbpk-totaldestructionbatman.jpg Batman (BB Total Destruction figure) 2011
Twin Turbo Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-twinturbobluebeetle.jpg Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2011
Sea Stingers Aquaman™ (Power Prop rerelease) Bbpk-seastingersaquaman.jpg Aquaman (BB Power Prop figure) 2011

Boxed Figure Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack™ Bbpk-kryptonitecollisionbattlepack.jpg Batman (BB Kryptonite Collision figure), Superman (BB basic figure), and Metallo (BB basic figure) 2011

Figure and Vehicle Sets[]

Title Image Contents Release Date
Stealth Blast Rocket with Batman™ Bbpk-stealthblastrocketandbatman.jpg Batman (BB Stealth Blast Rocket figure), Stealth Blast Rocket (BB vehicle) 2011
Ground Blaster Bat-Tank with Batman™ Bbpk-groundblasterbattankandbatman.jpg Batman (BB Ground Blaster Bat-Tank figure), Ground Blaster Bat-Tank (BB vehicle) 2011
Launch & Attack ATV with Batman™ Bbpk-launchandattackatvandbatman.jpg Batman (BB Launch & Attack ATV figure), Launch & Attack ATV (BB vehicle) 2011
Jungle Recon Batcopter with Batman™ Bbpk-junglereconbbatcopterwithbatman.jpg Batman (BB Jungle Recon Batcopter figure), Jungle Recon Batcopter (BB vehicle) 2011


Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Armor Batmobile™ Bbpk-battlearmorbatmobile.jpg Battle Armor Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2011