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1st sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Combat Belt Batman Fg-kb-combatbeltbatman Batman (BTAS Combat Belt) 1992
High Wire Batman Fg-kb-highwirebatman Batman (BTAS High Wire) 1992
Infrared Batman Fg-kb-infraredbatman Batman (BTAS Infrared) 1992
Knight Star Batman Fg-kb-knightstarbatman Batman (BTAS Knight Star) 1992
Lightning Strike Batman Fg-kb-lightningstrikebatman Batman (BTAS Lightning Strike) 1992
Battle Helmet Batman Fg-kb-battlehelmetbatman Batman (BTAS Battle Helmet) 1992
Ninja Power Pack Batman Fg-kb-ninjapowerpack Batman (BTAS Ninja Power Pack) 1992
Total Armor Batman Fg-kb-totalarmorbatman Batman (BMOTP Total Armor) 1993
Rapid Attack Batman Fg-kb-rapidattackbatman Batman (BMOTP Rapid Attack) 1993
World's Finest: Batman Fg-kb-worldsfinestbatman Batman (TNBA World's Finest) 1997
Batmobile (Toys R Us exclusive) with Batman Fg-kb-toysrusbatmobilebatman Batman (TNBA Toys R Us exclusive Batmobile) 1997
Night Camo Batmobile with Batman Fg-kb-nightcamobatmobilebatman Batman (TNBA Night Camo Batmobile) 1997
Infrared Batman Fg-kb-infraredbatman2 Batman (TNBAMM Infrared) 1997
Aerial Ambush Batman Fg-kb-aerialambushbatman Batman (TNBAMM Aerial Ambush) 1997
Shadowcast Batplane: Batman Fg-hb-shadowcastbatplanebatman Batman (HTNBA Shadowcast Batplane) 2001

2nd sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Turbo Jet Batman Fg-kb-turbojetbatman Batman (BTAS Turbo Jet) 1992
Sky Dive Batman Fg-kb-skydivebatman Batman (BTAS Sky Dive) 1992
Mech Wing Batman Fg-kb-mechwingbatman Batman (BTAS Mech Wing) 1992
Paraglide Batman Fg-kb-paraglidebatman Batman (TABR Paraglide) 1993
Rocketpak Batman Fg-kb-rocketpakbatman Batman (TABR Rocketpak) 1993
Attack Wing Batman Fg-kb-attackwingbatman Batman (TNBAMM Attack Wing) 1997

3rd sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Anti-Freeze Batman Fg-kb-antifreezebatman Batman (BTAS Anti-Freeze) 1992

4th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Cyber Gear Batman Fg-kb-cybergearbatman Batman (BTAS Cyber Gear) 1992

5th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Radar Scope Batman Fg-kb-radarscopebatman Batman (BTAS Radar Scope) 1992
Vector Wing Batman Fg-kb-vectorbatman Batman (TABRDF Vector Wing) 1993
Radar Batman Fg-kb-radarbatman2 Batman (TNBAMM Radar) 1997
Midnight Pursuit Batman Fg-kb-midnightpursuitbatman Batman (TNBAMM Midnight Pursuit) 1997
Infrared Armor Batman Fg-kb-infraredarmorbatman Batman (SOTB Infrared Armor) 2000
Gatekeepers of Gotham City: Batman/Batgirl:Batman Fg-hb-gatekeepersofgothamcitybatmanbatgirlbatman Batman (HTNBA Gatekeepers of Gotham City Batgirl pack) 2001
Revenge of the Penguin: Batman Fg-hb-revengeofthepenguinbatman Batman (HTNBA Puppets of Crime) 2001

6th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Ground Assault Batman Fg-kb-groundassaultbatman Batman (BTAS Ground Assault) 1992
Night Assault Batman Fg-kb-nightassaultbatman Batman (TNBAMM Night Assault) 1997

7th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Power Vision Batman Fg-kb-powervisionbatman Batman (BTAS Power Vision) 1992

8th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Retro Batman Fg-kb-retrobatman Batman (BMOTP Retro) 1993

9th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Tornado Batman Fg-kb-tornadobatman Batman (BMOTP Tornado) 1993

10th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Super Sonic Batman Fg-kb-supersonicbatman Batman (BTASCS Super Sonic) 1993
Cycle Thruster Batman Fg-kb-cyclethrusterbatman Batman (TABRDF Cycle Thruster) 1993
Shadow Blast Batman Fg-kb-shadowblastbatman Batman (TNBAMM Shadow Blast) 1997
Ultraviolet Ambush Batman Fg-kb-ultravioletambushbatman Batman (SOTB Ultraviolet Ambush) 2000
Gatekeepers of Gotham City: Batman/Robin:Batman Fg-hb-gatekeepersofgothamcitybatmanrobinbatman Batman (HTNBA Gatekeepers of Gotham City Robin pack) 2001

11th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Land Strike Batman Fg-kb-landstrikebatman Batman (BTASCS Land Strike) 1993
Nightsphere: Batman Fg-kb-nightspherebatman Batman (TABR Nightsphere) 1993
Land Strike Batman Fg-kb-landstrikebatman2 Batman (TNBAMM Land Strike) 1997

12th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Torpedo Batman Fg-kb-torpedobatman Batman (BTASCS Torpedo) 1993

13th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Piranha Blade Batman Fg-kb-piranhabatman Batman (BTASCS Piranha Blade) 1993
Turbo Surge Batman Fg-kb-turbosurgebatman Batman (TABRDF Turbo Surge) 1993
Velocity Storm Batman Fg-kb-velocitystormbatman Batman (TNBAMM Velocity Storm) 1997
Gamma Blast Batman Fg-kb-gammablastbatman Batman (SOTB Gamma Blast) 2000
Gatekeepers of Gotham City: Batman/Nightwing: Batman Fg-hb-gatekeepersofgothamcitybatmannightwingbatman [[Batman (HTNBA Gatekeepers of Gotham City Nightwing pack)] 2001

14th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Sea Claw Batman Fg-kb-seaclawbatman Batman (BTASCS Sea Claw) 1993
Sea Claw Batman Fg-kb-seaclawbatman2 Batman (TNBAMM Sea Claw) 1997
Sub-frequency Armor Batman Fg-kb-subfrequencyarmorbatman Batman (SOTB Sub-frequency Armor) 2000
Hydro-Bat:Batman Fg-hb-hydrobatbatman Batman (HTNBA Hydro-Bat) 2001

15th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Stealthwing Batman Fg-kb-stealthwingbatman Batman (BTASCS Stealthwing) 1993
Knight Strike Batman Fg-kb-knightstrikebatman Batman (TNBAMM Knight Strike) 1997
Lunar Force Batman Fg-kb-lunarforcebatman Batman (TNBAMM Lunar Force) 1997
Midnight Rescue Batman Fg-kb-midnightrescuebatman Batman (TNBAMM Midnight Rescue) 1997

16th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Fast Pursuit Batman Fg-kb-fastpursuitbatman Batman (BTASCS Fast Pursuit) 1993

17th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Bomb Control Batman Fg-kb-bombcontrolbatman Batman (BTASCS Bomb Control) 1993

18th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Disaster Control Batman Fg-kb-disastercontrolbatman Batman (BTASCS Disaster Control) 1993
Anti-Blaze Batman (retool) Fg-kb-anti-blazebatman Batman (TNBAMM Anti-Blaze) 1997
Inferno Extinction Batman (retool) Fg-kb-infernoextinctionbatman Batman (TNBAMM Inferno Extinction) 1997
Tunnel Racer Batman (retool) Fg-kb-tunnelracerbatman Batman (TNBAMM Tunnel Racer) 1997

19th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Skycopter Batman Fg-kb-skycopterbatman Batman (BTASCS Skycopter) 1993
Skychopper Batman Fg-kb-skychopperbatman Batman (TNBAMM Skychopper) 1997
Shadow Copter Batman Fg-kb-shadowcopterbatman Batman (TNBAMM Shadow Copter) 1997
Fractal Armor Batman Fg-kb-fractalarmorbatman Batman (SOTB Fractal Armor) 2000
Air Assault Batman Fg-kb-airassaultbatman Batman (BTASCS Air Assault) 1993

20th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Tri-Wing Batman Fg-kb-triwingbatman Batman (BTASCS Tri-Wing) 1993

21st sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Hover Jet Batman Fg-kb-hoverjetbatman Batman (TABR Hover Jet) 1993
Battle Staff Batman Fg-kb-battlestaffbatman Batman (TNBAMM Battle Staff) 1997

22nd sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Detective Batman Fg-kb-detectivebatman Batman (TNBA Detective) 1997
Glider Strike Batman Fg-kb-gliderstrikebatman Batman (TNBAMM Glider Strike) 1997
Desert Attack Batman Fg-kb-desertattackbatman Batman (TNBAMM Desert Attack) 1997
Knight Assault Batman Fg-kb-knightassaultbatman Batman (TNBAMM Knight Assault) 1997
Night Shadow Batman Fg-kb-nightshadowbatman Batman (TNBAMM Night Shadow) 1997
Batman & Superman: Batman Fg-kb-batman&supermanbatman Batman (TNBA Batman & Superman) 1997
Batman vs The Joker: Batman Fg-kb-batmanvsjokerbatman Batman (TNBA Batman vs The Joker) 1997
Knight Force Hero Collection: Batman Fg-kb-knightforceherocollectionbatman Batman (TNBA Knight Force Hero Collection) 1997
Gotham City Enforcement Team: Batman Fg-kb-gothamcityenforcementteambatman Batman (TNBA Gotham City Enforcement Team) 1997
Gotham Defender Batman Fg-kbb-gothamdefenderbatman Batman (ROTJ Gotham Defender) 2000
Laughing Matter: Batman Fg-hb-laughingmatterbatman Batman (HTNBA Laughing Matter) 2001
Batman & Robin:Batman Fg-hb-batmanandrobinbatman Batman (HTNBA Batman & Robin) 2001
Shadows of Gotham City: Batman Fg-hb-shadowsofgothamcitybatman Batman (HTNBA Shadows of Gotham City) 2001
Guardian of Gotham City Batmobile:Batman/
Dark Storm Batmobile: Batman
Fg-hb-batmobilebatman Batman (HTNBA Batmobile figure) 2001
Guardian of Gotham City Batplane: Batman Fg-hb-guardianofgothamcitybatplanebatman Batman (HTNBA Guardian of Gotham City Batplane) 2001
Shadowcast Batmobile: Batman Fg-hb-shadowcastbatmobilebatman Batman (HTNBA Shadowcast Batmobile) 2001
Fg-hb-aerobatbatman Batman (HTNBA Vehicle figure) 2001
Gotham City Adventures Batman (World of Batman) Fg-hb-worldofbatmantnbabatman Batman (World of Batman TNBA) 2001

23rd sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Knight Glider Batman Fg-kb-knightgliderbatman Batman (TNBA Knight Glider) 1997
Sky Attack Batman Fg-kb-skyattackbatman Batman (TNBAMM Sky Attack) 1997
Jet Wing Batman Fg-kb-jetwingbatman Batman (TNBAMM Jet Wing) 1997

24th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Street Strike Batman Fg-kb-streetstrikebatman Batman (TNBA Street Strike) 1997
Slalom Racer Batman Fg-kb-slalomracerbatman Batman (TNBAMM Slalom Racer) 1997
Ground Pursuit Batman Fg-kb-groundpursuitbatman Batman (TNBAMM Ground Pursuit) 1997
Ultra-frequency Armor Batman Fg-kb-ultrafrequencyarmorbatman Batman (SOTB Ultra-frequency Armor) 2000
Batman VS Two-Face: Batman Fg-hb-batmanvstwofacebatman Batman (HTNBA Batman VS Two-Face) 2001

25th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Silver Defender Batman Fg-kb-silverdefenderbatman Batman (TNBA Silver Defender) 1997
Lunar Attack Batman Fg-kb-lunarattackbatman Batman (TNBAMM Lunar Attack) 1997
Golden Armor Batman Fg-kbb-goldenarmorbatman Batman (ROTJ Golden Armor) 2000
Frozen Assets: Batman Fg-hb-frozenassetsbatman Batman (HTNBA Frozen Assets) 2001

26th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Arkham Asylum Escape: Batman Fg-kb-arkhamasylumescape Batman (TNBA Arkham Asylum Escape) 1997
Batman & Robin: Batman Fg-kb-batman&robinbatman Batman (TNBA Batman & Robin) 1997
Gotham Crusader Batman Fg-kb-gothamcrusaderbatmanbatman Batman (TNBAMM Gotham Crusader) 1997
Batman:Batman Fg-hb-batmanbatman Batman (HTNBA) 2001
Only In Jest:Batman Fg-hb-onlyinjestbatman Batman (HTNBA Only In Jest) 2001
Batman VS Riddler: Batman Fg-hb-batmanvsriddlerbatman Batman (HTNBA Batman VS Riddler) 2001
Garden of Evil: Batman Fg-hb-gardenofevilbatman Batman (HTNBA Garden of Evil) 2001

27th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Cave Climber Batman Fg-kb-caveclimberbatman Batman (TNBAMM Cave Climber) 1997
Mountain Pursuit Batman Fg-kb-mountainpursuitbatman Batman (TNBAMM Mountain Pursuit) 1997
Alliance of Fear: Batman Fg-hb-allianceoffearbatman Batman (HTNBA Alliance of Fear) 2001

28th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Jungle Tracker Batman Fg-kb-jungletrackerbatman Batman (TNBAMM Jungle Tracker) 1997
Midnight Hunter Batman Fg-kb-midnighthunterbatman Batman (TNBAMM Midnight Hunter) 1997
Signal Hacker Batman Fg-kb-signalhackerbatman Batman (SOTB Signal Hacker) 2000

29th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Speedboat Batman Fg-kb-speedboatbatman Batman (TNBAMM Speedboat) 1997

30th sculpt[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Team Batcyle: Batman Fg-kb-teambatcyclebatman Batman (TNBAMM Team Batcycle) 1997
Team Batcycle: Batman Fg-hb-teambatcyclebatman Batman (HTNBA Team Batcycle) 2001