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Batman 1 ver 9
Batman 1 ver 9
Figure (and number): Batman 1 ver 9
Description: basic figure redo
Basis: show-based
First Released 2008
Buck/Body Type: Batman 1
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This Batman figure is an attempt at bringing Batman even closer to the original model sheet. They swapped the black for midnight blue and darkened the belt. The first single release included Wonder Pig. It later reappeared several times.

Notable Difference from the first basic figure[]

  • lighter gray suit
  • midnight blue cape, cowl, gloves, boots
  • golden brown belt

Releases and Accessories[]

DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
M2167 "The Secret Society™" (1st pack) M2167b Superman 1 ver 7
Batman 1 ver 9
The Flash 1 ver 5
Gorilla Grodd ver 2
Lex Luthor 2 ver 4
The Joker ver 6
N3878 Batman™ *Includes Wonder Pig™! N3878 Batman 1 ver 9 with
Wonder Pig (JLU)
N2100 "The Secret Society™" (2nd pack) N2100 Batman 1 ver 9
The Key ver 1
Silver Banshee ver 1
Atomic Skull ver 1
Shadow Thief ver 1
KG Beast ver 1
N7237 Batman™ (blue/gray) N7237 Batman 1 ver 9 with
Batarang (JLU accessory)
P9298 Deadman international 3-pack Deadman3pk Superman 1 ver 7
Batman 1 ver 9
Deadman ver 1
P9296 The Question international 3-pack Question3pk Superman 1 ver 7
Batman 1 ver 9
The Question ver 1
N7223 "Attack from Thanagar™" N7223 Green Lantern 1 ver 7
Hawkgirl ver 8
Lt. Kraager ver 1
Hro Talak ver 1
Paran Dul ver 1
Batman 1 ver 9