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Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker (toyline)
animated figures
Based on: animated designs
Year Started: 2000
Year Ended: 2003
Sold in: Retail stores
Production Order
The New Batman Adventures Mission Masters
Batman (Hasbro Animated Line)

Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker strays from the Batman Beyond line's style of presenting detailed avante-garde figures to returning to a look more based on the animated series. The line consists of redecos of previous animated lines.

Single Packs[]

Pack Image Contents Release Date
Gotham Defender Batman File:Pk-kbb-gothamdefenderbatman.jpg Batman (ROTJ Gotham Defender) 2000
Gotham Knight Batman File:Pk-kbb-gothamknightbatman.jpg Batman (ROTJ Gotham Knight) 2000
Rapid Switch Bruce Wayne File:Pk-kbb-rapidswitchbrucewayne.jpg Bruce Wayne (ROTJ Rapid Switch) 2000
Arkham Assault Joker File:Pk-kbb-arkhamassaultjoker.jpg The Joker (ROTJ Arkham Assault) 2000
Golden Armor Batman File:Pk-kbb-goldenarmorbatman.jpg Batman (ROTJ Golden Armor) 2000