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Battle Cat
Gender: Male
Toylines: Masters of the Universe Classics
Character Type: hero
Battle Cat

Official Bio[]


Masters of the Universe Classics[]

Figures Image Accessories Release Date
Battle Cat (MOTUC) Motuc-battlecat Battle Cat helmet (MOTUC accessory), Cat saddle (MOTUC accessory) February 2010 LARGE FIGURE
Cringer (MOTUC) (with Queen Marlena (MOTUC)) Motuc-cringer SDCC 2011

In the comics and media[]

Cringer is the pet tiger of Prince Adam. When Adam went to Castle Grayskull to accept his destiny and become He-Man, Cringer and Orko followed him and witnessed his first transformation. Then, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull revealed the presence of Cringer and Orko, and told He-Man to choose a companion. He-Man chose Cringer, who became the fighting tiger Battle Cat to carry He-Man into battle.