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Battle Lion (MOTUC)
Battle Lion (MOTUC)
Basis: Mike Young Production animated series
First Released 2014
Buck/Body Type: motuc feline
Points of Articulation: [[]]
Character Type Hero/Creature

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Granger

During the Great Wars against King Hssss™ and the Invasion Forces of Hordak®, King Grayskull® rode into battle on top of his fierce mount Granger, a giant lygor prince from the Green Tiger Tribe. Gifted as a cub to a young Grayskull™ for saving their home from an attack by renegade Gar pirates, Granger grew up with his master, loyally protecting Grayskull™ in times of peace and war. When evil threatens Eternia®, Granger is enhanced by the Power of the Universe channeled through the Sword of He. As Battle Lion he wears enchanted armor that protects him against magical attacks. Battle Lion™ is the heroic steed of King Grayskull®, loyally carrying his master into combat.


  • Battle Cat 2002 helmet (MOTUC accessory)
  • 2002 Cat saddle (MOTUC accessory)