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Black Adam (DCIH figure 1)
Black Adam (DCIH figure 1)
Basis: comic design
Description: iconic costume
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First Released: 2008
Points of Articulation: 9POA

Black Adam was released in the first wave and first series of Infinite Heroes figures (Crisis) as figure 1. He was also re-released a few times since then. the figure was later very heavily retooled into Black Adam (DCIH 75).

Official Stats (DCIH)[]

Code Name: Black Adam
Real Name: Teth Adam
Status: Villain
Special Abilities: Great Speed, Strength, Wisdom

Power Score (DCIH)[]

Strength: 80
Intelligence: 55
Speed: 75
Agility: 70
Energy/Magic: 80
Training/Fighting Skills: 65


  • Single pack as Figure 1
  • DCIH Three Pack 11
  • DCIH Arch-Enemies Series "Shazam!" VS Black Adam


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