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Black Canary (JLU)
Black Canary (JLU)
Alias: Black Canary
Real Name: Dinah Lance
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Initiation
Voice Actor: Morena Baccarin
Character Type: hero, JL member

Black Canary is an expert street fighter with a smashing canary cry that could take down the biggest of opponents. She was one of the first few invited into the newly expanded Justice League. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths She has developed interesting relationships with the league, having been trained by Wildcat The Cat and the Canary, dating Green Arrow, and having a fierce rivalry with the Huntress.


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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Black Canary ver 1 Blackcanaryver1 basic figure JLU exclusive 3-pack show-based
Black Canary ver 2 Blackcanaryver2 tube top and fishnet stockings (lighter) DCSH:JLU 3-pack redeco
Black Canary ver 3 Blackcanaryver3 tube top and fishnet stockings (darker) DCSH:JLU 3-pack redeco