Black MantaBlack Manta (DC Universe)

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Black Manta
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: villain
Black Manta

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Black Manta engages in undersea crime in an attempt to conquer the world beneath the waves. However, Aquaman thwarts Black Manta at every turn, a conflict that has led to Black Manta's murder of Aquaman's infant son. Tiring of his constant defeats, Black Manta sold his soul to the demon Neron for greater power and was thus transformed into a true denizen of the deep.


DC Universe ClassicsEdit

Released in/as Image Label Description
DCUC Wave Two Wv2-blackmanta Black Manta Black Manta
Basic figure.
Undersea Assault 2pk-blackmanta Black Manta Black Manta (blue)
Super Friends inspired repaint.

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