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Booster GoldBooster Gold (JLU)
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Booster Gold (JLU)
Booster Gold (JLU)
Alias: Booster Gold
Real Name: Michael Jon Carter
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Initiation
Voice Actor: .
Character Type: hero

The spotlight-hogging Booster Gold came to the present to use his tech and powers to become a crimefighting celebrity. But while membership in the Justice League has its perks, trying to gloryhog under the noses of Batman, Superman and the league coordinator Martian Manhunter proves very difficult indeed.

Figures and Releases[]

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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Booster Gold ver 1 Boostergoldver1 metallic version Justice League Unlimited (toyline-series) single, 3-pack licensing art
Booster Gold ver 2 Boostergoldver2 color-corrected DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection show-based