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BatmanBruce Wayne (DC Universe)

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Bruce Wayne (DC Universe)
Bruce Wayne
Gender: Male
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: hero

Official Bio[]

Statistics (DCIH)[]

Bio (DCUC)[]

After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Bruce Wayne dedicated his life and fortune to protecting the lives of the innocent while striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Armed with an arsenal of gadgets, Batman patrols the shadows of Gotham City keeping the streets safe from crime. DCUC wave 1


DC Superheroes[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DCSH series 1
Batman Batman (blue/gray/bat-logo)
A blue reinterpretation of the basic Batman figure. Now with the lighter color scheme. Referred to as 1st sculpt.
DCSH series 3
Batman Batman (blue/gray/bat-logo/4H belt)
A more-mature, improved-articulation look for Batman. The belt is 4H design. Referred to as 2nd sculpt.
DCSH series 7
Knight Shadow Batman Batman (black/black/grey bat-logo/4H belt)
A more-mature, improved-articulation look for Batman. The belt is 4H design. Referred to as 2nd sculpt (with a modified head)
DCSH series 8
Batman Batman (black/gray/bat-logo/4H belt)
A more-mature, improved-articulation look for Batman. The belt is 4H design. Referred to as 2nd sculpt.
DCSH series 8
Bruce Wayne-to-Batman Bruce Wayne
This Bruce Wayne was a redeco of the figure from the first Mattel 6-inch toyline. It's got a redecoed civilian figure and repainted armor pieces (with a full Batman head). Like the first release, the Bruce Wayne head pushes into the main figure when the armor is used.

The Batman head is identical to the other 1st sculpt Batman heads. Bruce Wayne's design is also much closer to the first sculpt.

DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DCUC wave 1
Classic Detective/Crime Stopper Batman Batman (blue/gray/oval)
This version of Batman is very close to the Neal Adams design.
Fists of Clay 2-pack
Batman Batman (mud-spattered)
This figure was the first black/grey Batman in the line, but with added features. It was later repainted into a basic figure.
Gotham City 5 5-pack/World's Greatest Superheroes
Batman Batman (black/grey/oval)
The first appearance of the black/grey Batman (with a yellow belt). Repainted from the previous mud-spattered version.
DCUC wave 10
Batman Batman (Spider-man VS Batman)
Batman (all-black/oval)
The figure depicts Batman in an all-black batsuit with yellow accents, akin to his appearance in Spider-man VS Batman.
All-Star#Series One
Batman Batman (black/grey/golden brown capsule utility belt)
This is the first Batman in DCUC to not sport the yellow oval and belt.
Dynamic Duo 2-pack
Batman Batman (black/grey/bat-logo/yellow pocket utility belt)
This figure uses the same parts as previous DCUC Batman figures except for the belt which was from Public Enemies.
DCUC wave 15
Sinestro Corps Batman Sinestro Corps: Batman
As DC Direct created a Green Lantern: Batman, Mattel did the opposite and outfitted him with a variation of the Sinestro Corps uniform.
Knightfall 2-pack
Batman (Battle-damaged) Batman (light blue/light grey/slashed oval/yellow capsule utility belt)
This figure is a battle-damaged, lighter-colored version of wave 1 Batman, with no shading in the mask.

Batman:Legacy Edition[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Legacy wave 1
Modern Age Batman Modern Age Batman
Batman 2nd sculpt with Sinestro Corps: Batman Head.
Legacy wave 2
Golden Age Batman Golden Age Batman
This is Batman as he appears in the revamped kid-friendlier Golden Age Batman stories.
Legacy wave 3
Batman (First Appearance) First Appearance Batman
This is Batman as he appears in his first few comics.

Batman Unlimited[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Batman Unlimited wave 2
Batman (Planet X) Batman of Zur-en-arrh
This is Batman's latent personality as seen in "Batman R.I.P." Package however, refers to silver age version

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

Single release[]

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