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Captain ColdCaptain Cold (Superman Batman Public Enemies)

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Captain Cold (Superman Batman Public Enemies)
Captain Cold (Superman Batman Public Enemies)
Alias: Captain Cold
Real Name: Len Snart
Place of Origin: Central City
Affiliation: Ice villains
First Appearance [[]]
Voice Actor: [[]]
Character Type: villain

Captain Cold appears in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

When Batman and Superman became Public Enemy number One, Captain Cold was one of the villains who tried to collect the reward placed by President Lex Luthor. He fought alongside other ice-themed villains like Icicle, Mr. Freeze and Killer Frost.

While DC Direct made figures for the comic versions of the characters, Mattel focused on the film, with 3.25 and 6" scale figures in the style of the film. Captain Cold wasn't released in either toyline.