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Captain Marvel Jr (DCUSC)
Captain Marvel Jr (DCUSC)
Figure (and number): unrevealed
Description: Captain Marvel Jr.
First Released Club Infinite Earths
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation:
Character Type Hero

Official Bio[]

Freddy Freeman was an average young boy until villain Captain Nazi killed his grandfather and left him crippled. Witnessing the tragic accident, Billy Batson, also known as the hero Captain Marvel shared some of his incredible powers with Freeman, making him a crime-fighting partne. After adventuring with the Teen Titans, a terrible event left Freeman without powers or direction in life. One day, he was magically transported to the Rock of Eternity to go through a series of trials. Upon his success he finally achieved the incredible powers and the DC Super Hero idenity Shazam!

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm



Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen

Notes: A change was made to the Bio to avoid confussion. When Billy empowered Freddy he was using the name Captain Marvel not Shazam! Freddy assumed the Name Shazam! when he became the guardian of the Rock of Eternity