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Castaspella (MOTUC)
Castaspella (MOTUC)
Basis: style guide version
First Released 2013
Buck/Body Type: [[{{{buck}}}]]
Points of Articulation: 23POA
Character Type hero

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Esmeralda

Beautiful friend to She-Ra®, Castaspella™ is one of the most powerful mages on Etheria. After the Horde claimed her beautiful planet as a new homeworld during their banishment in Despondos™, Castaspella™ became a leader in the Great Rebellion helping to defend the people of Etheria with her magic. She has been known to temporarily hypnotize her foes, and although she can be a bit flighty at times, her strength and courage have helped her fight the oppression of Hordak®. She is special friends with both Angella and Frosta™ and only uses her magic for good.


  • Clip-on disc (MOTUC accessory)
  • Magical energy (MOTUC accessory)