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In 2011, McDonald's released a series of Happy Meal figures based on the Brave and the Bold TV series.

The eight figures released were Aquaman, Batman, the Batmobile, Black Manta's Sub-Launcher, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Green Arrow, the Joker and Plastic Man. While the six characters are roughly in scale with other animated lines, the vehicles were smaller.

McDonald's would later release a second series of smaller figurines, with three for each Happy Meal:

1.- Batman, The Penguin and Batmobile.

2.- Firestorm, Two-Face and Solomon Grundy.

3.- Aquaman, Batman robot and Black Manta.

4.- Batman, the Riddler and Plastic Man (in a car shape).

5.- The Joker, Bat-Mite and Jokermobile.

6.- Batman, the Flash (Barry Allen) and Sportsmaster (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

7.- Batman, Robin (Dick Grayson) and Gorilla Grodd

8.- Gentleman Ghost, The Spectre and Haunted Coach.

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