The DC Universe Infinite Heroes addition to the DC Universe stable takes characters that would appear in the flagship Classics line and puts them at a more collectible 3.75-inch scale. Figures are available as singles and three-packs, with six- and eight-packs available as retailer exclusives. Quite an array of characters have already been released (early statements from Mattel put the total character count for 2008 at around forty-five figures). One of the first six-packs contained characters from the Green Lantern mythos, while another revolves around Gotham City. However, Mattel has also stated that they are trying to make sure that the characters included in the Infinite Heroes line are not included in the Classics line in the same year to avoid having multiples of the same character on the shelves at once. The figure packages feature clippable Anti-Monitor points, which can be redeemed at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con for an exclusive Anti-Monitor figure.

Figures typically have limited articulation and minimal accessories. Following the announcement of Hasbro's Marvel Universe line, Mattel announced that the line will get increased articulation (an example is the upcoming Animal Man figure, unveiled at New York Comic Con 2009).


Crisis Series OneEdit

Number Package Figures Sold through
1 Black Adam Black Adam Dcihc-blackadam retail
2 Black Hand Black Hand 90px retail
3 Adam Strange Adam Strange (modern) 90px retail
4 "Shazam!" Captain Marvel (iconic) 90px retail
5 Guy Gardner Guy Gardner 90px retail
6 Professor Zoom Professor Zoom 90px retail

Crisis: Series One SinglesEdit

Crisis: Series One 3-packsEdit

Batman: Gotham KnightEdit

Toys "R" Us ExclusivesEdit

Two PacksEdit
  • Guy Gardner, Black Hand
  • Batman, Gotham City S.W.A.T.
  • Flash (Wally West), Professor Zoom
  • Captain Marvel, Black Adam
Defense of Oa Six PackEdit
Gotham City Patrol Six PackEdit
Battle for Metropolis Eight PackEdit

Wal-Mart ExclusiveEdit

Teen Titans Six PackEdit

Movie ExclusivesEdit

SDCC 2009 ExclusiveEdit

  • Anti-Monitor (3 3/4" version available for 50 Anti-Monitor points or $10)

Upcoming FiguresEdit

Other figures that have been seen in prototype form, read about in case breakdowns, mentioned in leaked Wal-Mart SKUs or seen at Toy Fair include:

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