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Right after announcing that 2011 is the final year for JLU, a new ad with updated big 7 figures was released

Justice League Unlimited is an action figure line based on the highly popular Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series. Though it was based on the kids' show(s), the line has continued well beyond it, and was re-branded in 2008, as exclusive to Target in the US, though still sold by other retailers in other countries. The line's final leg of releases was in 2011.

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The line, in its various incarnations, has explored several types of packaging - single, 2-packs, 3-packs, 4-packs (as Justice League Toys "R" Us exclusives), 6-packs (as Target exclusives), and 7-pack (featuring the original members as Toys "R" Us exclusives both in the 3" and 4.5" scales.)

Once it was integrated into the DC Superheroes line, JLU sported redesigned orange packing, and followed suit when its 'sister' brand was redesigned with purple packaging in 2006. Since it was part of the DC Universe re-brand, the packaging was in a form of the DC Universe Classics packaging (including character bios) with animated touches placed on it. Beginning in March 2010, the packing changes to the DC Comics' 75th Anniversary brand.

4-packs have been available at the Mattel Collector site. These are not actual 4-packs per se, but singles that are bundled in four. These were discontinued in 2010 after the Justice Guild release, due to insufficient sales. Mattel however will continue selling exclusives on their site (though in a different format) starting with Lobo in April 2010.


The line features three sets of collectible figures, the most popular and voluminous being the 4.5" figures which now has over 70 unique characters, not including repaints. The other two lines are the 3" die-cast line and the 10" rotocast line.

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