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Mattel's 6-inch line based on DC Comics properties is a constantly growing collection.

Comics (and animated properties) line[]


Main article:Batman (2003 toy line)

The Batman toyline was the first to be released. It offered sculpts by the Four Horsemen Studios and featured heroes and villains from the Batman pool of characters.

DC Superheroes[]

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The DC Superheroes toyline served as a catch-all line for all DC properties beginning 2006. However, its S3:Select Sculpt series is the best-known incarnation. The series alternated featuring Superman and Batman, and presented figures with added articulation.

DC Universe Classics[]

Main article:DC Universe Classics

When the DC Superheroes line was rebranded into DC Universe, another catch-all term for all of DC properties, the 6-inch line became known as DC Universe Classics. The line extended from simply featuring Batman and Superman characters to having a virtually unlimited pool of DC Comics characters.

Superman/Batman Public Enemies[]

Main article:Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (toyline)

Under the DC Universe brand, Superman/Batman Public Enemies was released in conjunction with its film release. The series retained the detailed body sculpts while having headsculpts based on the animated film characters.

Green Lantern Classics[]

Main article:DC Universe Classics

Around the time of the release of Green Lantern, the film, sub-series of DC Universe Classics figures based solely on the Green Lantern pool of characters were released.

Batman:Legacy Edition[]

Main article:Batman:Legacy Edition

Similar to the Green Lantern release, Batman:Legacy Edition is the revival of an all-Batman series featuring his different incarnations.

Young Justice[]

Main article:DC Universe Young Justice Select Sculpt

Similar to the previously-released Superman/Batman figures, the Young Justice figures retain the detail of the DCUC figures, but with headsculpts based on the animated show designs.


When DC Universe Classics was announced cancelled (mostly due to the New 52 reboot), the figure line split off into various versions available in different ways.

DC Universe Signature Collection[]

Main Article:DC Universe Signature Collection

As soon as DCUC was pronounced cancelled, Mattel announced the inclusion of DC Universe-style figures in Matty Collector. The figures were then rebranded into DC Universe Signatur Collection, with some figures exclusive to Club Infinite Earths.

DC Universe All-Stars[]

Main article:DC Universe > All-Stars

However, the DC-Universe line returned to retail with All-Stars featuring similar packaging but containing figures from both older continuities and The New 52.

DC Comics Unlimited[]

Main article:DC Comics Unlimited

DC Comics Unlimited features characters as they appear in The New 52.

Batman Unlimited[]

Main article:Batman Unlimited

The Batman Unlimited line continues the tradition of having a Batman-character toyline. This line features not only The New 52 versions, but also versions from other continuities/franchises.


DC Comics has stated they will be developing figures based on the Watchmen comic.

Movie Based[]

Disambiguation:Movie Masters

Movie Masters is Mattel's catch-all term for 6-inch DC Comics toys based on the films. (Although the line also contains a 12-inch assortment featuring Superman)

Batman Begins[]

Toys from Batman Begins feature in The Dark Knight (Movie Masters), Batman:Legacy Edition, and The Dark Knight Rises (Movie Masters).

The Dark Knight[]

Main article:The Dark Knight (Movie Masters)

A vast majority of Movie Masters figures feature in the dedicated The Dark Knight line. However a The Dark Knight/Joker 2-pack features in Batman:Legacy Edition's second wave.

Green Lantern[]

Main article:Green Lantern (Movie Masters)

Green Lantern had a dedicated line of movie-masters figures. A sole Movie Master-compatible figure was released in Green Lantern Classics as well. The figures were designed to use accessories (constructs) sold with the smaller 3.75-scale Green Lantern (Movie Line) by way of adaptors.

The Dark Knight Rises[]

Main article:The Dark Knight (Movie Masters)

The Dark Knight Rises has its own dedicated toyline, much like The Dark Knight.

Video Games[]

Arkham City[]

A good number of figures from Batman:Legacy Edition are based on designs from Arkham City.


Mattel will be developing figures based on the DC Comics fighting game Injustice:Gods Among Us. They begin in DC Comics Unlimited line wave two.

Masters of the Universe[]

Main article:Masters of the Universe Classics

Masters of the Universe Classics revives the original toyline with elements from other He-man franchises.

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