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Catra (MOTUC)
Catra (MOTUC)
Basis: style guide version
First Released May 2011
Buck/Body Type: motuc female
Points of Articulation: 23POA
Character Type Evil Horde

Official Bio[]

Real Name: C’yra of D’riluth III

A disputed monarch from the Tri Solar System, C’yra joined the Horde Empire and was given a magical mask which granted her secret powers such as the ability to transform into a panther. She traveled with Horde Commander Kur to Eternia on his mission to ensure He-Ro was destroyed. There, along with the rest of the Horde army, she was caught up in the Great Wars and eventually banished to Despondos by King Grayskull. She remained with her leader throughout their banishment and was eventually promoted to Force Captain after Hordak’s step-daughter betrayed the Horde to the Etherian Rebellion. Catra’s jealousy of She-Ra has become her greatest weakness.


  • Catra toy mask (MOTUC accessory)
  • Catra cartoon mask (MOTUC accessory) (solid gold)
  • Catra whip (MOTUC accessory)
  • Catra sword (MOTUC accessory)
  • Catra shield (MOTUC accessory)