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Fans complained J'onn was too dark...


...Mattel responded.

Color-corrected figures are figures that were rereleased to correct deco issues. These are figures in which a company makes such drastic changes to the figure that it is recognized to be a fix, or it may the company itself declares that the figure is show-accurate.

This doesn't include figures with incidental hue/shade differences in color due to factory runs, like Wonder Woman (JLU), or in order to make redecos different enough but still close to the show concept (such as The Flash (JLU).

JLU Figures[]

Figures from Justice League Unlimited (figures) that were decoed following the show's style guide were later rereleased with more show-accurate looks. Examples are:

JLU Batman[]


The final release.

Mattel also ran Batman through several attempts at color-correction until they came to the most fan-satisfying result. Since Batman was a staple figure anyway, multiple versions of the character across the lines didn't faze mist people. He had four basic color schemes all throughout the line, based on his show appearance.

Other Figures[]

Some figures from DC Universe Classics have also been corrected in order to satisfy fan-requests.

  • Harley Quinn (DCUC 2-pack)