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Icon-boxIcon-boxIcon-box This is a TOYLINE page. It details what figures are available in what packages..
DC Superheroes Finale
6-inch figures
Based on: comic designs
Year Started: 2014
Year Ended: 2014
Main lines concurrent with:
DC Universe Total Heroes
Production Order
DC Universe Signature Collection

See below for complete figure listings. Click on each figure for details.

DC Superheroes Finale.

Will be the ending of the DC Action Figure Line. The entire line is sculpted by the Four Horsemen Studios. And is nearly completely Repaints of Previously released figures and are mostly Pretooled but never saw release

The toyline is meant to End the DC Comics Line and thus is made up mostly of characters as they appear in Super Friends and Super Powers, but is not limited to it. This will also represent the Ending of the series.

Wave One[]

Package Figures Comes with Sold by
Superman Superman
Ccv76 01
Batman Batman
Ccv76 02
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Ccv76 03

Wave Two[]

Package Figures Comes with Sold by
Gold Superman Superman
Ccv76 06
Riddler Hal Jordan Riddler Hal Jordan
Ccv76 07
Mister Mxyzptlk Mister Mxyzptlk
Ccv76 05
Kalibak Upper Torso Mattycollector.com
Kalibak Kalibak
Ccv76 04
War Club Collect & Connect