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Icon-boxIcon-boxIcon-box This is a TOYLINE page. It details what figures are available in what packages..
DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe Classics
6-inch figures
Based on: various designs
Year Started: 2010
Year Ended: 2011
Sold in: Retail stores
Production Order
Package Figures Sold through
He-Man VS Superman Superman (rerelease), He-Man (new) 5pk-superman+DCMOTU-heman Toys 'R' Us
Lex Luthor VS Skeletor Lex Luthor(re-release), Skeletor (new) Sr4-lexluthor+DCMOTU-skeletor Toys 'R' Us
Aquaman VS Mer-Man Aquaman (new), Mer-man (new) DCMOTU-aquaman+DCMOTU-merman Toys 'R' Us
Hawkman VS Stratos Hawkman (re-release), Stratos (new) Wv6-hawkman+DCMOTU-stratos Toys 'R' Us
Green Lantern VS Zodac Green Lantern (re-release), Zodac (new) Allstar-haljordan+DCMOTU-zodac Toys 'R' Us
Bizarro VS Faker Bizarro (new), Battle Armor Faker (new) DCMOTU-bizarro+DCMOTU-faker Toys 'R' Us
She-Ra VS Supergirl She-Ra (re-release with new sword), Supergirl (re-release) DCMOTU-shera+Sr2-supergirl Toys 'R' Us