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This article is about the 6-inch line. For the 4-inch line, see DC Universe Young Justice (4" scale).


As new additions to the Mattel DC Universe series, Young Justice figures in the 6" scale were created in 2011 not only as a completely new toyline but also as a compliment to existing 6-inch collections such as DC Superheroes and DC Universe Classics. The figures recall the design models but also mix well with more realistic DCUC figures because of the added-on muscular detail. They'll be sporting from 23 to 31 points of articulation as is standard with 6-inch Mattel DC figures.

Prior to the line's release, like DC Superheroes and the larger Superman Returns figures, the 6" figures were labeled Select Sculpt, distinguishing it from the 4" scale. However, the label was dropped upon release.


Figures Arsenal Diorama
Robin YJ6-robin1 bat arsenal rooftop
Artemis YJ6-artemis1 bow/arrow set shooting range
Aqualad File:YJ6-aqualad1.jpg waterbearer constructs waterpipe
Red Arrow File:YJ6-redarrow1.jpg bow and arrow set rooftop
Superboy (cloning chamber) File:YJ6-superboy1.jpg
Kid Flash File:YJ6-kidflash1.jpg street
Batman File:YJ6-batman1.jpg rooftop
Sportsmaster File:YJ6-sportsmaster1.jpg
Guardian File:YJ6-guardian1.jpg
Miss Martian and Superboy (Invasion) File:YJ6-missmartian1.jpg+File:YJ6-superboy2.jpg (includes alternate Miss Martian head) n/a