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DesperoDespero (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

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Despero (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Despero (Batman:The Brave and the Bold)
Alias: none
Real Name: Despero
Place of Origin: Kalanor
First Appearance The Eyes of Despero!
Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson
Character Type: villain

Despero is an alien villain who mind-controlled several Green Lantern, but was stopped by Batman and other Lanterns.

So far the only release of Despero in the Brave and the Bold line has been in a two-pack with Batman, though Batman didn't look as he appeared when facing Despero and was released with such appearance in a later wave.


Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman™ VS Despero™ Bbpk-batmanvsdespero Batman (BB indigo figure) and Despero (BB basic figure) 2009