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Wonder GirlDonna Troy (DC Universe)
Donna TroyDonna Troy (DC Universe)

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Donna Troy (DC Universe)
Donna Troy
Gender: female
Toylines: DC Universe Classics
DC Universe Infinite Heroes
Character Type: hero
Wonder Girl/Troia

Donna Troy is Wonder Woman, Diana's mystical younger 'twin'. She was known as Wonder Girl and Troia, served with the Darkstars and also became Wonder Woman. Just before the multiverse collapsed in Flashpoint, she held Diana's seat in Justice League of America.

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Originally created as a magical reflection of Princess Diana of Themyscira, Donna Troy became more than Wonder Woman’s identical twin "sister" when she was kidnapped and forced to endure a series of alternate lives ending in tragedy. Upon her returning to Earth – sans any memories of the experience – Donna adopted the guise of Wonder Girl and joined the first Teen Titans.


DC Universe Classics[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DCUC wave 13
Donna Troy Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
Donna in her second Wonder Girl costume.

DC Universe Infinite Heroes[]

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