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Dr. Destiny (JLU)
Alias: Dr. Destiny
Real Name: John Doe
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Secret Society
First Appearance Only a Dream
Voice Actor: none
Character Type: villain

In the Justice League episode "Only a Dream", John Dee (voiced by William Atherton) was a low-level LexCorp employee and small-time crook who was incarcerated in Stryker's Prison for guarding a supply of smuggled weapons. He volunteered to be a guinea pig for a doctor's experiments with the Materioptikon, a machine that gave people ESP abilities; between sessions, he dreamt of singlehandedly defeating the Justice League and being a member of the Injustice Gang.

When he found out that his parole request didn't go through, John was saddened. His wife, Penny, left him soon after for another man, exacerbating the situation. John found an opportunity to abuse the Materioptikon during a prison riot, exposing himself to an intensified burst from the machine. The experience gave him even greater telepathy. With this, he set off to wreak havoc on people through their dreams. Dee's first act of supervillainy was using his abilities to mentally torture Penny. In her dream, he manipulated his appearance to match the standard comic book costume and, deciding that his name was too ordinary, took the new name "Dr. Destiny". As a result of his telepathic torture, Penny went insane and died.

Dr. Destiny later trapped Superman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, and the Flash in their dreams, playing out their worst fears.

  • Hawkgirl, who was claustrophobic (which is revealed in a battle with Luminous), was trapped in a coffin and buried alive.
  • Flash was trapped inside a world where he moved so fast that the world around him was motionless (a nightmare Flash said he had frequently had since obtaining his powers).
  • Superman's powers increased beyond his ability to control them, and he accidentally caused massive destruction and killed all those he loved, including Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White.
  • Green Lantern, who feared his membership in the Green Lantern Corps had alienated him from his friends, family, and all regular people, was trapped in a world where everyone was afraid of him, and he was unable to understand their language or make himself understood.

J'onn J'onzz telepathically entered his teammates' dreams to make them realize that what they were experiencing was not real, while Batman eventually tracked down Dr. Destiny (keeping his mind free of Destiny's influence by humming Frère Jacques). Attempting to stab Batman with a syringe filled with a powerful sedative, Dee inadvertently stabbed and injected himself. The rest of the League woke up from their dreams, but not without memories of what it felt like to be trapped in those situations.

Dr. Destiny was last seen back at Stryker's, in a catatonic state, humming Frere Jacques over and over again. However, he is confirmed to be a member of Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society shown on Justice League Unlimited, making a cameo in "I Am Legion" and very briefly seen with Luthor's team of supervillains in "Alive!"


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