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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Dr. Fate ver 1
Figure (and number): Dr. Fate ver 1
Description: basic figure
Basis: licensing art colors
First Released 2005
Buck/Body Type: Type 4- Slim
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero, JL member


Licensing art [1]

This is the licensing art version of Dr. Fate.



Cardback version with blue boots

Dr Fate was released in Series 1 of JLU as both a single carded and as a 3-pack, with Green Arrow and The Flash. Its single carded has an ankh accessory that is decorated (obscured) by lightning flashes.

Prior to the release of the figure there have been two known prototypes, both of which are preferred to what was released. The first known prototype is faithful to the JLU model design, wherein his boots are blue save for the lining. However he is painted gold in parts that are now yellow.

The second is seen in the figures' cardback, which is the same as the first prototype design-wise, but now has a sheen yellow paint in place of gold. The blue was also much lighter- more faithful to the licensing art.

However, as the figures were released, Fate’s boots became entirely yellow instead of blue with yellow lining. This is probably to follow the licensing art seen in the figures’ cards and other merchandise.


Prototype among other series one protos

Releases and Accessories[]

Justice League Unlimited (toyline-series)

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
H2578 Dr. Fate™ H2578 Dr. Fate ver 1 with
Lightning ankh (JLU accessory)
H2104 Episode 451 “The Initiation" H2104 The Flash 2 ver 3,
Dr. Fate ver 1,
Green Arrow ver 1

DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
J3709 Vixen 3-pack J3709 Hawkgirl ver 4,
Dr. Fate ver 1,
Vixen ver 1
K9383 Starman/Dr. Fate 3-pack K9383 The Flash 2 ver 3,
Dr. Fate ver 1,
Starman ver 1