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Production Number:
Episode Count: 39,40
TV Episode:
DVD Episode:
Writer: Joseph Kuhr
Director: Dan Riba
Stars: George Newbern (Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El),
Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz),
Michael Rosenbaum (Flash/Wally West)
Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern/John Stewart)
Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman)
Recurring Role:
Guest Stars: Bruce McGill (Eclipso)
Packed With:
First Aired:
Figure Packs Referenced: N7222
Special Figures Referenced: Green Lantern 1 ver 6
Hawkgirl ver 7
Superman 1 ver 12
Wonder Woman 1 ver 5
Eclipso ver 1
Captain Boomerang ver 1


A special ops team finds a purple gem in a cave, guarded by Mophir. A soldier named Burns takes the gem and is possessed, then passes the possession to General McCormick, who dons the Eclipso costume to lure the Justice League into facing them. The gem then possesses Wonder Woman.

Mophir appears and tries to kill Wonder Woman, but he is stopped and sent to an asylum, where the Flash goes to visit him, and Mophir tells him about an evil race of serpent-like humanoids called "Ophidians" who imprisoned themselves in a black diamond called the "Heart of Darkness" to eventually destroy the human race. When Wally returns to the Watchtower, he finds all the other Leaguers possessed by the Ophidians. After being pursued by the possessed Justice League, the Flash lures them into a blinding light that frees them from the possession.

Episode Oddities[]