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Eclipso (JLU)
Eclipso (JLU)
Alias: "Eclipso"
Real Name: General McCormick
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Heart of Darkness
First Appearance Eclipsed
Voice Actor: Bruce McGill
Character Type: villain

Eclipso appears in a Justice League episode called 'Eclipsed'. Although never referred to by name, Eclipso is characterized as the collective souls of an evil race of serpent-like humanoids called "Ophidians" who imprisoned themselves in a black diamond called the "Heart of Darkness" to eventually destroy the human race. One of Eclipso's possessed human hosts, General McCormick, appears wearing the original Eclipso costume (worn by Bruce Gordon in the comics), having been told by one of the general's colleagues that the best way to lure out the Justice League is to "put on a gaudy costume and threaten to hurt a lot of people". This Eclipso attempts to permanently darken the sun and possess all of the Justice League except the Flash and Batman (Batman did not appear in this episode). However, the Flash was able to drive the spirits out of his teammates and subsequently helped them create a wormhole to drain away the black energy 'Eclipso' was using to darken the sun. Mophir also exists in this version, but instead of helping to create Eclipso, he is a member of a tribe that guards the Heart of Darkness diamond and fights the Ophidians whenever they manage to possess a human host.

Eclipso also appears in the video game Justice League: Chronicles, which, though based on the animated series, shows him closer to his comic version.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Eclipso ver 1 Eclipsover1 basic figure DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection 6-pack show-based