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Elongated ManElongated Man (DC Universe)

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Elongated Man (DC Universe)
Ralph Dibny
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Universe Signature Collection
Character Type: hero
Elongated Man

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Ralph Dibny created and consumed a highly concentrated version of the rare Yucatan "gingo" fruit, which granted him the powers of extreme elasticity and malleability. Known as Elongated Man, and a model member of the Justice League of America, he was unprecedentedly open to he public about both his secret identity and loving marriage. Tragically, his wife Sue was murdered by Jean Loring, ex-wife of The Atom, Ray Palmer. News of the murder rippled throughout the community of masked heroes, shaking The Justice League to its core and irrevocably devastating Dibny.


DC Universe Signature Collection[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
DC Universe Signature Collection Dcusc-elongatedman Elongated Man Elongated Man (red costume)
Ralph's costume during his time in the so-called "Justice League Detroit".

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