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Evil-Lyn (MOTUC)
Evil-Lyn (MOTUC)
Basis: original toyline
First Released 2010
Buck/Body Type: motuc female
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type Evil Warrior

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Evelyn Morgan Powers

Raised by her father in the ruins of Zalesia, Evelyn left her home in a fit of teenage rebellion. Taking the name Evil-Lyn, she travelled Eternia learning from many of its great masters the ways of magic and the dark arts. While searching for new ways to increase her power, she met and fell in love with an ambitious alchemist named Keldor, and agreed to join his cause. After Keldor was transformed into Skeletor, he lost all emotional attachments to Evil-Lyn and she began to scheme against him. In a series of miscalculations, she helped release both King Hssss and Hordak from their inter-dimensional prisons. Evil-Lyn uses her crystal ball to foresee the evil future!


  • Witch staffs (MOTUC accessory)
  • Witch crystal (MOTUC accessory)
  • Athame (MOTUC accessory)
  • Screech (MOTUC pack-in)