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Fang Man (MOTUC)
Fang Man (MOTUC)
Basis: Filmation animated series
First Released 2013
Buck/Body Type: motuc male
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type Evil Warrior

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Scutes Ignis

Evolved from the ancient Dragosaur species, Fang Man™ spent his youth in the valley of Dragons. Skeletor® recruited Fang Man™ after discovering his ability to control the fire-breathing dragons to do his bidding. Fang Man™ used the Dragosaurs of the past to assist the Evil Lord of Destruction™ in his evil plans when Skeletor® used the Wheel of Infinity to go back into time and stop Castle Grayskull® from being built. Eventually, defeated by He-Man®, Skeletor® abandoned Fang Man™ in the past where he resides with his ancestors on Dragosaur Isle, waiting for the return of his master. Fang Man™ has piercing teeth and uses his mind-control ability to manipulate fire-breathing species.


  • Fang Man sword (MOTUC accessory)
  • Fang Man mace (MOTUC accessory)
  • Wheel of Time (MOTUC accessory)