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Package Title: Journey to Atlantis
Package Type: deluxe
Sold As: Toys-R-Us exclusive
Toyline Justice League (first release)
Series: Justice League (first release)
Wave n/a
Figures: Aquaman 1 ver 1,
The Flash 2 ver 5,
Superman 2 ver 9,
Green Lantern 2 ver 5
Accessories/Add-ons: breathers
First Released: 2004

Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash must help Aquaman save the underwater city of Atlantis. A massive shift in the Earth's tectonic plates has unleashed a volcanic eruption beneath the waves - the ancient kingdom appears doomed! Specially engineered Geothermal Hydrosuits and Rebreathers are the heroes' only protection against exploding lava flows, super-heated vents and deadly seismic tremors! Join the Justice League's battle against nature as they fight to save Aquaman's home!

Other Details[]

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This package has a The Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern in geothermal hydrosuit redecos. This is also the first time Aquaman was released.

This is one of only two Justice League toys sold as a true 4-pack. Only Aquaman was rereleased out of the set, making all other figures truly exclusive.

The box includes 4 lenticular cards, each depicting the figure designs in terms of style guide art.

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