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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Green Lantern 2 ver 7
Green Lantern 2 ver 7
Figure (and number): Green Lantern 2 ver 7
Description: staple figure
Basis: show-based
First Released 2005
Buck/Body Type: Green Lantern 2
Points of Articulation: 9POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This figure is of Green Lantern as a staple figure.


This figure comes with almost any 3-pack with the Green Lantern in it. The head was retooled to match the Green Lantern look of Justice League Unlimited. His logo is silver instead of white, which makes it slightly inaccurate, just like the costume of Green Lantern 2 ver 2, but it doesn't stop him from being the standard staple figure and representation of the character until the rebranding to DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection.

Releases and Accessories[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
H2107 Episode 457 “The Return” H2107 Red Tornado ver 1,
Green Lantern 2 ver 7,
The Flash 2 ver 2
H2599 Episode 474 “Panic in the Sky” H2599 The Flash 2 ver 3,
Atom Smasher ver1,
Green Lantern 2 ver 7
J3704 Green Lantern 3-pack I J3704 Tomar Re ver 1,
Green Lantern 2 ver 7,
Kilowog ver 1