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Griffin (MOTUC)
Griffin (MOTUC)
Basis: Mike Young Production animated series
First Released 2012
Buck/Body Type: motuc feline
Points of Articulation: [[]]
Character Type Evil Warrior/Creature

Official Bio[]

Real Name: Varies

Griffins, great flying beasts originally brought to Eternia® by Star Merchants, broke free and lived in a wild colony deep in the Vine Jungle. Here they were once again enslaved, becoming the steed of choice for the savage Beast Men living in their treetop villages. Raqquill Rqazz™, a Beast Man® serving Skeletor® from Snake Mountain™, often calls upon several Griffins to carry him and his master into battle. During the Second Ultimate Battleground, several hundred Griffins were commanded to attack Grayskull™ Tower, hoping to weaken the Master’s defense perimeter. Soaring high above Eternia®, Griffins bring terror to those below!


  • Griffin saddle (MOTUC accessory)