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Guy GardnerGuy Gardner (JLU)
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This is a CHARACTER page. See below for all available action figures based on this version of the character.
Guy Gardner (JLU)
Guy Gardner (JLU)
Alias: Green Lantern
Real Name: Guy Gardner
Place of Origin:
Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps.
First Appearance none
Voice Actor: none
Character Type: hero

Even though Guy Gardner didn't appear in the JLU series, he appeared as a member of the Justice League in the DCAU-based comics. Since both the comic version and the figure are based on the character of the mainstream comics, they share some similitudes, yet also have some differences, most noticeably Guy's hairstyle.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Guy Gardner ver 1 Guygardnerver1 basic figure DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection 3-pack comic-based