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Hal Jordan (VS 2-pack)
Hal Jordan (VS 2-pack)
Figure (and number):
Description: Hal Jordan
Basis: metallic 'Super Friends' design
First Released [[DCUC Hal Jordan vs. Thaal Sinestro 2-pack]]
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

[[Category:Packs released in DCUC Hal Jordan vs. Thaal Sinestro 2-pack]]


Official Bio[]

Hal Jordan and Thaal Sinestro may have started out as good friends, but they became infamous enemies. Corrupted by power, Thaal Sinestro was banished to the anti-matter universe Qward and returned with a new yellow power ring - able to render the Green Power ring useless. While the villainous Sinestro's power s fueled by fear, the utterly fearless Hal Jordan proves to be a formidable rival.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm
Accesories: power battery (shared with Thaal Sinestro (VS 2-pack), ball-and-chain construct, buzz-saw construct, gun construct
Retooled from: Green Lantern (DCUC wave 3)

Notable Differences from previous versions[]

  • The ball-and-chain accessory came from Iron (DCUC wave 12), the gun from John Stewart (DCUC wave 11) and the saw from Gold (DCUC wave 14).
  • While this Hal has the metallic paint ops of Hal Jordan (DCUC All-Star), he now sports pupils in the eyes as well as the blocky, less coherent logo of the Super Friends cartoon Green Lantern.
  • The new power battery takes on the more recent metallic green color of the newer versions. This new battery however is split down the middle with the other side being yellow, but not including the handle. This throws back to the Green Lantern comic book cover seen in the back of the package.