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Hawkgirl ver 3
Hawkgirl ver 3
Figure (and number): Hawkgirl ver 3
Description: battle-damaged
Basis: redeco
First Released 2005
Buck/Body Type: Hawkgirl 1
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero, JL member


Hawkgirl here has an all-new black suit (painted over the scupted bustier line). Also it has painted-on skin to simulate battle damage . The figure is an interesting mix to all the existing main figures. The black mace was something people went for when they realized that they probably don’t have a shot of getting the Justice League original Hawkgirl figures for a gray mace. Although by now that mace has started to get around.

Notable Differences[]

  • While she keeps her belt, shoes and helmet, her bodysuit is entirely different- a black leotard.

Releases and Accessories[]

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
H2575 Hawkgirl™ H2575 Hawkgirl ver 3 with
Nth metal mace (JLU accessory)