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Hawkman (DCUC wave 6)
Hawkman (DCUC wave 6)
Figure (and number): Wave 6 Figure 2
Description: Hawkman
Basis: classic design
First Released DCUC wave 6
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

This is the first Hawkman figure released in Wave 2. It is re-released in DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe Classics with very minor changes.

Official Bio[]

During ancient Egypt’s 15th dynasty, Prince Khufu and his beloved Princess Chay-Ara discovered a downed spacecraft from the planet Thanagar. Exposure to the ships’s anti-gravity Nth metal allowed Khufu and Chay-Ara to be reincarnated countless times throughout the ages to follow. In modern times, Khafu became the hero Hawkman, Chay-Ara reincarnated as his beloved Hawkgirl.

Other Details[]

Size: 16cm
Accessories: mace, shield, sword
Includes: Kalibak (DCUC wave 6) right arm
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen






Hawkman sports a body that is mostly newly sculpted. To stress that the body is shirtless, nipples are sculpted onto his chest and veins all around his arms. A stiff harness is strapped over his chest, clearly a separate piece- adding dimensionality to the figure. The back part of the harness however, is sculpted onto his back, which has a hole that serves to hold his wing mechanism. The wing mechanism is six parts- a holster to connect the wings to the back, wings (comprised of four parts for articulation), and a peg to hold everything together. The wings are sturdy but light enough not to weigh him down. Hawkman can be posed with his wings folded or with them opened. However, Hawkman’s wings cannot open ‘all the way’ with the tips pointing upward, as he is not built with a third section in the wings to serve as mid-sections. His wing mechanism is a first for DCUC figures but there is another way he differs from most. He is made with a closed right fist and an open left hand, for holding weapons. His weapons are really well-made. He comes with three- a sword, a mace and a shield. The shield is smaller than Wonder Woman’s but works perfectly for the look. It also uses a similar clip to attach to the arm. The sword and mace fit rather loosely on his hand, but do work well with the figure. Hawkman ‘s mace looks good but some may find the morning star design to be more ‘benign’, with the spikes being rounded, compared to Hawkgirl’s truly spiky mace. A holster is molded on the right side of his belt and may fit either the sword or the mace. Hawkman is definitely a fan favorite.


Hawkman was rereleased with slight alterations in the DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe Classics series. The major differences are the slightly darker orange on the helmet and the wing peg piece being grey instead of skintone.

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