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Hawkman (ShadowTek wave 5)
Hawkman (ShadowTek wave 5)
Basis: show-based
Description: basic figure
Packages: Hawkman
First Released: 2007
Points of Articulation: 10POA
Character Type hero, JL member

Official Bio[]

He is Hawkman, chairman of the Justice League of America - and one of the strongest super heroes in the world.


This figure comes with an original sculpt mace. It was released concurrently with a the rest of the Justice League figures in wave 5.

This figure is based on the first character design from 'The Batman' season three, with the helmet sporting a larger beak, as opposed to the more comic-inspired helmet from his season four appearances. His wings are also closer to the darker season three colors, and not the light gray season four wings.



Hawkman is the most heavily modified of the figures that use a slightly retooled Justice Leaguer buck. All details are painted on save for the all-new headsculpt, harness and belt. The figure has removable wings that come in two pieces.