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HawkmanHawkman (The Batman)

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Hawkman (The Batman)
Hawkman (The Batman)
Alias: Hawkman
Real Name: Katar Hol
Place of Origin: Thanagar
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance [[]]
Voice Actor: Robert Patrick
Character Type: hero


Hawkman's early design in season 4. The figure is based on this design

Hawkman was first introduced to The Batman as a member of the new Justice League. Eventually the Batman had chances to work with him on paired missions, like when Batman's enemy Black Mask hired Hawkman's enemy Shadow Thief to steal Thanagarian Nth metal.

Even though the TV series never defines who is the Justice League leader, the figure bio says Hawkman is the chairman of the team, likely as an homage to the comic character who is chairman of the Justice Society of America.

Official Bio[]

He is Hawkman, chairman of the Justice League of America - and one of the strongest super heroes in the world.


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