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HawkmanHawkman (The New 52)

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Hawkman (The New 52)
Carter Hall/Katar Hol
Gender: male
Toylines: DC Comics Unlimited
Character Type: hero

In The New 52, Hawkman is a partially-amnesiac archeologist, Carter Hall, who specializes in odd artifacts. He'd once found a rare Nth metal, and for a time used it to fight crime as Hawkman. He attempted to destroy his costume and weapons, tiring of it. However, the metal in his weapons instead latched onto him and bonded with him on a cellular level. Unbeknownst to him, he's actually Katar Hol who was wanted in Thanagar for the murder of the king. Now he's hunted by both humans who're looking to profit as well as Thanagarians out for justice. He later joins Justice League of America.


First Appearance:The Savage Hawkman #1 (2011)
Base of Operations:Earth
Powers:Hawkman’s wings and armor are connected to the mystical Nth Metal that gives him the power of flight. The Nth Metal also seems to react to certain situations and “read” the user’s thoughts, although many of its secrets are still unknown. Hawkman is also a deadly warrior, skilled with every weapon in his vast arsenal. Who's Who in The New 52


DC Comics Unlimited[]

Released in/as Image Label Description
Wave 1 Dccu1-hawkman Hawkman Hawkman
The first streamlined New 52 costume.

In the Comics[]

Who's Who in The New 52[]

Carter Hall knows history…just not his own. Suffering from a combination of amnesia and conflicting memories, Carter is truly certain of nothing. Trying to function as an archaeologist as he searches for the truth about his life, Carter fights evil as Hawkman. The Nth Metal that supplies power to Carter’s wings and armor may hold the key to his past – a past that Carter is determined to learn by any means necessary, be it from his own research or from those who foolishly try to take the Nth Metal for their own use.

Carter’s recent revelations about the Planet Thanagar seem to offer the most compelling case for understanding where he comes from, but first he must uncover why he is wanted for murder there. No matter what he learns about himself, Hawkman is determined to continue fighting, even going so far as to join the Justice League of America. Who's Who in The New 52